Plato Wynne ROCKS Custom WordPress Websites!

Websites are a necessary part of your organization’s business strategy and one of the most important elements of your marketing. Whether it’s lead generation, closing a sale or simply making a good first impression, your website is one of your most important marketing/branding assets. But, let’s face it – should YOU be the one rocking it? You are busy, web technology is complicated and you have enough on your plate just running the business. Websites, content management, social networking – it all feels overwhelming – like one more boulder to roll up the hill. We can help you ROCK YOUR WEBSITE by building an online presence for your small business or non-profit that makes a great first impression, generates leads and closes sales!

There are thousands of WordPress themes that you can download and install to “skin” your website. The problem is that a WordPress theme, by design, is “one size fits all” and often that doesn’t really fit your needs. Themes are designed for mass-use and most are not particularly friendly to customization. If the feature that is important to you is not in the theme’s “box”, it may be really difficult or even impossible to force the theme look and behave the way you want. This is especially true if you have a website whose look/feel you already like and want to preserve when you move onto WordPress. We believe you should not have to change your website to fit WordPress – WordPress can and should be modified to fit the needs of your website! A custom WordPress theme is the only way you can can make WordPress look and behave exactly as you want. A custom WordPress theme gives all the advantages of moving your website onto WordPress without the limitations inherent in a ‘one size fits all’ theme. A lot of people have a bad opinion of WordPress because they think all WordPress websites look the same- and they do if you are using the same theme thousands of other people are also using. The examples shown throughout this page are a testament to the power of custom WordPress design – none of these sites look like each other or like anyone other site on the internet. Each website we create is totally unique to you and your business!

Plato Wynne specializes in building custom WordPress themes that will make your WordPress website look or do anything you want within reason – it won’t make you a sandwich but it will do just about anything else! You can see from the examples on this page how diverse a custom WordPress website can be! All of these sites (and THIS site as well….) are built using WordPress and themed with exactly the same framework – you won’t be able to tell by looking though! All sites are mobile-friendly and will pass Google’s Mobile Friendly test when we deliver it to you. Try visiting any website shown on this page and resizing your browser to make the window smaller – you’ll see how the content flows to fit the screen at every size! Each site created is completely unique and meticulously tailored to your business needs. Whether you want to preserve your investment in your current look/feel or completely rebrand your website, we have you covered with a custom WordPress theme. Contact us today and let’s ROCK your website!