Why WordPress?

WordPress Expert New Orleans

Plato Wynne builds all websites on the WordPress platform. WordPress is a highly extensible and portable Content Management System (CMS) in use on over 60 million websites including The New York Times, CNN, Forbes and Reuters.

Open Source

WordPress is Open Source, meaning the code for core software is not licensed by a company (for example, Microsoft) but rather, is maintained by hundreds of programmers worldwide working under a small group of lead developers. Because the WordPress community is so large, WordPress is constantly scrutinized and updated by the community to address functionality/usability issues as well as security flaws. As a result, WordPress is the most secure, scalable and robust CMS on the market today. There is no cost associated with the core WordPress software which is licensed under GNU Public Licensing (GPL) . The GPL allows WordPress to be freely distributed and modified. The core software can be downloaded on the WordPress website.


A community of web developers has grown up around WordPress, extending the software to do almost any web-based task imaginable – and if you cannot find exactly what you need, a developer (such as Plato Wynne Consulting) is free under the GPL to write code that extends WordPress to meet the client’s specific needs.


Portability is a key element in the design of WordPress. WordPress is scripted using PHP with all content stored in a mySQL database. A quick Google search on “PHP/mySQL web hosts” returns around 9,000,000 results – a WordPress site can be easily moved intact to any of these hosts with a minimum of technical knowledge. WordPress frees you from being locked into a web host and allows you to take your entire website with you when you move, preserving your investment in your online presence.

Best Practices

WordPress is designed to be simple, usable and accessible . All of the core WordPress code is fully standards-compliant and designed with the non-technical user in mind. A core "Best Practice" of all web design is the separation of content from presentation. The look/feel of a WordPress website can be changed without requiring a complete rebuild of your website from the ground up. This is important over the life of your website as it is likely you will want to update the design ("Theme") every few years. WordPress minimizes the cost of redesigns and maximizes your initial investment in moving your current website to the WordPress platform.