Why Choose Plato Wynne?

So, Why Choose Plato Wynne?

Plato Wynne has been building, hosting and maintaining websites for small business and non-profit clients since 1997. We we’re present at the birth of the modern website and have been rocking it ever since! Times change, trends come and go, and not every solution is right for you and your business. We have the experience and insight to understand how to make your website work for you while minimizing the hassle factor. We are not like most webmasters who will tell you to get a Twitter or Instagram account because that is what everyone else is doing. We will suggest strategies that will work for you based on your target demographics and marketing goals, not ‘what everyone else is doing’. You will appreciate our ‘cut to the chase’ approach to getting things done – we will rarely talk about technology, which will be a relief for you! Instead, we will discuss your business goals so that we can understand how to help you get there, from here.

Plato Wynne has built websites for a lot of very different industries – from industrial automation and automotive shops to catering services and all points in between. We can offer unique insights into what is going to work for you and your website visitors, no matter what product or service your business offers.

We don’t just churn out websites, one after the other, and move on. Plato Wynne serves a very small group of clients whom we enjoy advising and helping with all aspects of their technology and business process. We look for clients who are willing to make an long-term investment in their online marketing because good results take time, effort and attention – both yours and ours. If you are looking for a technology partner who will stay with you and your business over the long haul, ensuring that your digital marketing stays relevant and produces results, let’s talk.

We have professional references from clients who have known and worked with us for years and I encourage you to check them! Why take it from me? Ask the clients I have partnered with over the years to help grow their business. If you want to check me out by contacting my references before we get started, just ask!

Who is Platowynne?

Zachary “Zac” Wegman, Chief Operator

“Specializing in responsive web design, project management, and information architecture, Zac graduated in 2012 with a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology from Florida State University. During that time he was the webmaster and project manager for the Antarctic Research Facility on campus, and assisted in the creation of a scientific geological database in co-operation with the Research Computing Center(RCC). Zac took over the role of owner/operator of Platowynne in 2016 and maintains day to day operation.”

Melissa Raulston, Founder and Senior Advisor

“Melissa Founded Plato Wynne in 1997 and has been serving small businesses and non-profits ever since. With over 17 years experience building, hosting, and maintaining websites she possesses a wide breadth of knowledge spanning both the realms of business and technology. Melissa has a special knack for problem solving and creating innovative technological solutions to fit client’s needs. ” “