DUDE! That Image is HUGE!

One of the key issues in mobile friendliness is image size. Large images eat up bandwidth, which is a real concern for mobile visitors, especially those with limited data plans. Many people who are ‘rolling their own website’ don’t realize the importance of sizing images properly- they pull them off the phone and upload them, not realized that DUDE! THAT IMAGE IS HUGE! The Google Mobile Friendly tool will identify images that could benefit from resizing and further compression and it is an easy thing to implement with the right tools.

Start by resizing your images in a photo editing program. This will go a long way towards reducing the file size. Next, you want to further ‘smash’ your images by running them through an image compression tool. TinyPNG/TinyJPG will smash your images, 5 at a time, usually resulting in a dramatic savings in file size with no loss of image quality.

If you are a WordPress user, WPSmushit has been replaced by a compression tool from WPMUdev, WP Smush Pro. It is a premium plugin but membership in WPMU is well worth the price.

Getting images small is important. Sometimes though, it is even more important to get rid of some images entirely. If your website has your phone number or address embedded in am image, you need to get rid of that and mark up the content in HTML. Google cannot read words embedded in am image which will hurt your geo-located ranking and users cannot click on the information to dial your phone number or pull up a Google map. If you are not sure which images ought to stay and which should be replaced by text-based markup, let’s do a 2-hour Website Triage and I will develop a list of problem images for you along with suggestions for fixing them.

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