Bigger is NOT ALWAYS Better – Text Compression.

Text compression is a process very similar to WinZip or other ‘zipping’ software you use on your desktop, only it is performed on the server before a web page is delivered to the browser. Page compression increases page speed by reducing files sizes by 70-90% or more. You want your website to be fast so paying attention to compression is important. There are many methods that can be used to compress the text on web pages but GZIP is the most common and popular because all modern browsers support it.

Sizing your pages is also important – GZIP will compress text including scripts and stylesheets but not images. Read this post for information about image compression. Ideally, pages should be around 1MB total when delivered to the browser. Every second you gain in delivery time improves your chances of keeping the visitor on your website.

Test your site for GZIP compression here:

PageSpeed Insights will also report the status of compression on your site:

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